Which silicone is right for you?

Standard silicone is the type that is closest to natural breast tissue in terms of weight and movement. It is translucent in color.
Lightweight silicone is made by adding lightweight materials to standard silicone gel. Many women find that lightweight breast forms wear more comfortably.
% Weight Less Than Standard Silicone
Ultra Light silicone is an exclusive creation by ABC. Our development team has created a way to make breast forms even lighter.
% Weight Less Than Lightweight Silicone

Which breast form is right for you?

Uniquely designed breast forms with special channels on the back layer that massage, cool and hug your body. Featuring the Massage Form® Super Soft, Massage Form® Asymmetric, Massage Form® Attach and Massage Form® Shaper. When compared to a standard back breast form, the patented Massage Form® is proven cool.
Designed with a 100% gel back, these forms contour to your chest wall giving you that extra security and comfort. This form is ideal for women who may have irregular chest walls.
Also known as partials, these little additions can add balance and symmetry to your life. This product is ideal for women who have lumpectomies or reconstructive surgery.
A mixture of forms ideal for post-surgical needs, leisure and recreation and those forms designed specifically for swimming.