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Welcome to Total Medical Healthcare Services where every customer is important to us.  Our trained and supportive staff can help you find the medical equipment, medical supplies, and mobility products to fit your specific needs…when you need it most.  Our trained staff can help you whether it is for a rental, sale, or repair.

Community is important to us.  We care about our customers, their families, and the caregiver for their comfort and their safety.  At Total Medical, it is all about the heart, your trust, and patient safety.

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  • We are accredited Medicare, Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross Providers
  • We offer reliable FREE delivery service
  • We have 24 hour phone service for all emergencies
  • All medical claims are billed and monitored in-house for peace of mind on your medical claim
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Compression Therapy

Compression therapy provides you with the necessary support to maintain and enhance your lifestyle

Whether it’s being engaged in daily activities or spending time doing the things you really love, like traveling, being outdoors or participating in your favorite hobbies,  you can continue to engage in daily activities while receiving the therapeutic benefits of compression.

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  • Adjustable straps for increased functionality
  • High cut under the arms to ensure good support and comfort
  • Higher cut neckline offers secure support and conceals any scarrin
  • Specially selected materials and tailoring ensure the breast form remains hidden
  • Breast form pockets open to the side, leaving you to swim with confidence
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